Text Box: Threadsaver
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Text Box: ThreadSaver Instructions & Helpful Hints

Text Box: Note - Use hand torque only when using ThreadSaver. If the tool becomes jammed, simply withdraw the expander rod until action can be resumed again.
ThreadSaver is a collapsible tap. When the centre expanding rod is removed, the threaded tap end is installed past the damaged threads into the spark plug port hole and aligned on good threads. The expanding rod is replaced and Threadsaver is wound out cleaning, repairing and re-aligning the threads. The metal and carbon is brought out through the port hole.
ThreadSaver is suitable for both a plain and tapered seat.
If you change spark plugs, you need the amazing Threadsaver
Text Box: Damaged or crossed spark plug port thread
Text Box: Remove expander rod and grease tap then insert ThreadSaver
Text Box: Engage ThreadSaver by expanding tap to correct size. If too tight then back pin out
Text Box: Remove ThreadSaver to restore and clean the  thread